Friday, May 22, 2009

Beach Blondes

To keep with our hair up keep week, I decided to write about something that I'm an expert at...being BLONDE! Summer's here so keep your blonde the best it can be!

How to get the best blonde you can get? My best advice is to pick up a bottle of Sun-In. Sun-In is a spray that you spray on your hair when you lay outside at the beach or in your own backyard. If you have a darker shade of blonde or you are close to brown hair, I do not recommend this product. There have been some results that say it can turn your hair orange. But if you are a bleach blonde like myself, I have had good results.

If you want a cheaper product to "bump up your blonde" try lemon juice. You can either pour lemon juice in a spray bottle or just pour it right from the bottle. For best results I would use this right after you jump out of the pool or the ocean. Not only with your hair lighten from the sun and the lemon juice, you will smell lemony fresh all day.

Keep your hair sunny blonde in these sunny days!

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