Monday, June 29, 2009

The Birds and the Burts Bees

Hey gang! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Today I'm going to talk about a beauty supply company that I just love. Burts Bees.

Most of you know Burts Bees for the products lifeguards use to protect their noses with. You know that white zinc on their noses and their lips. But Burts Bees is much more than that. They make everything from lip balm to shampoo. All of their products are made from beeswax, botanical and essential oils, herbs, flowers and minerals. Burts Bees is all natural and all go green.

So what's some of their products? Let's start with my favorite, their lip balm. I use Burts Bee Honey lip balm all the time. It makes my lips so soft and smooth. It's ingredients include ultra-emollient lanolin, coconut oil and sunflower oil, and seals in hydration with beeswax. It's best to use when your lips are chapped or sort, especially if they get burnt in the sun. It costs about $3 dollars.

Another one of my favorite products is their Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Grapeseed Oil Hand Creme. It has moisturizing agents like honey, jojoba oil and rosemary extract. Living on my own this summer I've been doing a ton of dishes, and boy do my hands get beat up. I use this right afterwards and it smooths my sort hands right away leaving them soft to the touch. It costs about $10 dollars.

But these are only a couple of products, go check out their website to see what best fits you! Most stores sell Burt Bees products too so don't limit yourself to the internet.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Product Of The Week

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you guys are all looking forward to the weekend (I know I sure am.) Anyway, here's this weeks product of the week. CHI Transformation Silk Infusion.

As many of you may or may not know, CHI is one of the best hair product companies. They make probably, in my opinion, the best hair straightener and curlers. Their products are a little pricey, but it is totally worth it.

I like to use the CHI Transformation Silk Infusion. After I straighten my hair use this right after. It's an oil that leaves you hair soft, shiny and tangle free. It has wheat and soy proteins that help leave your hair manageable and soft. Bottles cost between $15-$25 dollars.

The greatest part about it? All you need to use is about a pea size amount for your whole head! Rub it between your fingers and then just comb your fingers through your hair. Best advice? Do not use too much, because it will leave your hair looking oily and greasy. Also be careful when applying to your roots, you do not want to use too much because it will leave your hair greasy.

This is my favorite product! It keeps my hair so soft and it does not frizz up in this heat! Have fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How To Be Shady

Hey all! I hope you are all enjoying my tips and you are really putting them to good use! Today I want to talk about a crazy trend that is bouncing back up from the 80's. Funky sunglasses are totally in this summer!

Remember those plain sunglasses with the neon teeth? The glasses you usually see at proms and weddings? Well they are so hot right now! Celebs are all about fun funky sunglasses. And the best part about it is that they are so cheap! You can go to your local dollar store and buy a set of 5 glasses for about $2 dollars!

Mr. Kayne West is most famous for making his stunner shades a popular trend. Although these glasses are not really practical to help block the sun, they are fun to wear out and party in. These glasses range in prices from about $5 dollars or if you want custom made glasses maybe around $25 dollars. These glasses come in neon colors, bedazzled and even some that have shades in them.

Finally, of course, funky shaped glasses are so fun to wear and give your face a new look! Take these heart glasses for example, I have the same pair in yellow and LOVE them! Everyone always gives me and greatest compliments and I think they are so flirty and fun. Especially if you see that cute boy on the beach, he'll def notice you before anyone else in their plain glasses!! So try sunglasses that have different shapes, such as stars or hearts, or even try fun animal printed glasses!

Have fun and go crazy with sunglasses this summer!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do I Smell?

Good morning all! I've been experimenting a little bit lately with new perfumes. I'll go from smelling fruity and fresh to sexy and seductive. When really the best way to pick what type of perfume you should use is easy, just base it off of your personality.

If you like hanging out at the beach and you have a laid back personality, try a perfume that is not to strong and has a beachy smell. For example Malaia by Hollister has a beachy smell and is not too over powering. It's great just to spray on right before you hit the beach, or even to wear out on a night on the town. It costs about $30-$38 dollars.

If you are a more flirty person and like to smell sexy try Very Sexy Dare by Victoria Secret. This perfume will have you smelling so seductive everyone is going to want to get to know you! It ranges between $20-$30 dollars.

Best advice, spray your perfume right when you get out of the shower. Since your body is still wet the perfume holds better to moist skin. Also, it's great to follow up with the same smelling lotion. Bath & Body Works is great for lotions and potions!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Poof! Grease Disappears!

Good morning friends! Let me ask you a question. Is your hair kinda greasy in the morning? Do your bangs bother you when you don't fix them perfectly? What's the perfect solution to this problem? It's simple! Just poof your hair!

What's a poof? A poof is where you take the middle section on top of your scalp, or your bangs, and prop them up to add volume to the top of your hair.

  1. Comb the front middle section, or your bangs, towards the back of your scalp.
  2. Twist the ends of the section to "poof" the hair up, creating volume underneath your scalp and the section of hair.
  3. Then bobby pin the hair ends in place, or clip your hair in place.
  4. Take two fingers and insert them underneath the poof and push slightly up on the section, this allows you to create more high.
  5. Spray a little bit of hair spray to keep it in place.
This technique will allow you to cover your greasy roots, and create a fun flirty hair style! You have free range in how high you want your poof and even how big. Have fun and experiment! See what works best for you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Flower Power

Good morning all! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. What's the latest trend in fashion these days? Florals! From floral skirts to flower power inspired bangles. Just in time for summer, flowers are in!

This floral skirt from JCrew is great to wear out to lunch with your girlfriends and can even work for well work! It says that it's fun and flirty but also very classy. It's $128 dollars. But you don't have to have the priciest floral skirt out of the bunch. Gap is selling floral skirts for $29.99. That's about a quarter of the price you would pay for one skirt from JCrew.

Flower jewelry is a great accessory for any outfit. It keeps the outfit looking classy with incorporating a hint of summer time. Take these flower rings for example. They dress up an outfit but still keep you looking fun and girlie. You can find rings like these at Charlotte Russe for about $5 dollars.

Have fun and release the girl within you! Happy shopping!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eyelash Extensions

Hey friends! I went to go have my eyebrows waxed yesterday and the lasy in front of my was getting a makeover that is sweeping the nation. She was getting eyelash extensions. Celebs like
Nicole Kidman, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan have been using them for years, and we are just finding out about them now!

They are different than the fake eyelashed that you can put on yourself with eyelash glue. Theyre semi-permanent eyelash extensions that give you longer, thicker and very natural looking eyelashes.

They are made from synthetic fibers. Each lash is applied one by one to your own natural lashes. They are applied to your individual eyelashes, one lash at a time. There is no need for mascara even though a water based mascara is fine to use. The result is thicker, longer, eye opening eyelashes that are safe in the shower, while swimming, sleeping or exercising.

The lashes last upto about 2-3 weeks before you need to get them replaced. They can cost anywhere from $25-$50 dollars (depending on length.) You can find these "eyelash professionals" at your local salons.

I have not tried these lashes yet but I am looking into trying them very soon. I love the look of long eyelashes, and what's better then just waking up with your eyes looking like they are already done!?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Product Of The Week

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Here's today's product of the week...Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner.

This leave in conditioner is used while you shower. After you shampoo, take about a quarter size (or more depending how long your hair is) and massage into your scalp. Leave the conditioner on for about 3 minutes and then wash it out.

It contains Nutritive Fruit Micro-Oils - an innovative combination of apricot and avocado oils, and vitamins B3 and B6. It'll leave your hair is 5x stronger, 5x smoother and so much shinier.

This will help you create silky smooth hair and keep your hair from frizzing in this summer heat!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hear Me Roar!

Good morning friends! There's a popular fashion trend that is sweeping the nation. More and more people are buying and wearing printed outfits! Whether it's a zebra mini dress or a snake skin purse, fo animal is all the rage!

For example, check out this giraffe printed bikini from Guess. Altogether the cost comes to $65 dollars. While at Target you can get the animal print your looking for, for about $30 dollars. That's half the price!

Animal printed clutches are all the rage too. They boost your look up always making you look like your ready for fun and an adventure.

For my younger ladies, printed prom dresses are in style as well! The simple dresses are out and prints are in! You can find dresses like these in your local dress boutiques.

Have fun and release the animal within you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Curly Q

Good morning all! I'm going to move away from make-up for a little while and head (no pun intended) back over to hair styling. Today I want to help you all create the perfect curls. Big loose curls are all the rage nowadays so I'll let you know how I create mine.

  1. First I blow dry my hair straight and separate my hair into layers. I take the bottom section of my hair and keep it out, pinning up the rest of it.
  2. Depending on the size of curls you want, depends on what type of curler you use. For bigger curls you want to use a bigger iron (2-2 1/2) and for tighter curls you want to use a smaller iron (1-1 1/2 inch.)
  3. I take a single piece from my section and apply a quarter size of moose to the entire piece, from root to tip. I then start the iron at the root of my hair, run it down to the tip and the close the clamp on the end. When curling you want to roll the curler facing outside of your face and a bit on an angle.
  4. Apply this step to the entire section. After that release the pinned up hair and create another section. Repeat this step about 2 more times (in total that would be 4 sections.)
  5. To finish your look spray with some hair spray all over your head and then flip your head over and shake while you spray the underside. This will help you create more volume and keep the curls looking fuller and more bouncy.
This look can work for a classy night out or even if your just going shopping. Have fun and good luck!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Waxing VS Threading

Good morning friends! Hope my tips have be coming in handy and you've updated your look. One of my biggest pet-peeves is I HATE when my eyebrows need to be shaped. I've tried both waxing and threading and I'll give you my opinion of which one I think works best.

Waxing: Waxing is used all over the body. People can get their eyebrows waxed to all the way down to their bikini line. Basically waxing is just what it sounds like. The person applies warm wax to the area that hair removal is requested. Then the waxer takes a small white cloth and smooths it across the wax. One all the hair is pressed on the cloth the waxer rips the cloth away, removing the wax and the excess hair. The pain only lasts a few seconds and aloe is applied to sooth the skin. Waxing can cost anywhere from $5-$50 (say if you wanted a full Brazilian wax it's probably going to be a little pricey.) The results last for about 2 weeks, longer if you keep up with your tweezing.

Threading: Threading is a technique that began in India. The threader uses a spool of thread and removes the hair from it's socket. The threader uses a formation of the thread and almost shaves the hair away. Threading is mostly only used on the face (eyebrows and upper lip.) This can cost from anywhere from $10-$25 dollars. The pain is not as harsh as waxing and it also does not leave your skin raw a red. It does take a little bit longer, but the results are better and the hair is removed longer than 2 weeks.

So what's my pick? Threading. I believe they shape my eyebrows better an the results last longer. But do not throw waxing out the window, see what works best for you!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Meow? Yes friends today I'm going to talk about how to create the purrrfect cat eye look. Many celebs like Angelina Jolie and Lauren Conrad are pro's at the cat eye.

  1. You have two options when you begin. Either you can use liquid liner or you can use dark eyeshadow and an angled brush. I prefer to use liquid liner.
  2. Many people like to start the liner from the inside corner or your eye to the outside corner, but I think this makes the eye look too dark. I tend to go in the middle of my outside corner and my inside corner. I start in the middle and work my way to the outside corner. The trick is to keep the line as close to your lashes as possible.
  3. When you come to the end of your eye lid, flick the brush upwards towards your temple about a half inch. This looks like your eyelashes are curling upwards, giving you that cat look effect.
  4. You can do underneath your eyelashes as well, but this is totally up for the look your going for.
This look will defiantly have people saying MMMEEEEOOOWW!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Like Your Mother Said...Wash Your Face Before You Go To Bed

Hello friends! I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. Now...I know I'm not your mother, but she did give you some great advice. WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE YOU GO TO BED!

If you go to bed with make-up still on you are more prone to acne and oily skin. Plus, it's harder to removed day old make-up the next morning when it's smeared all over your face.

What do I use? First I like to use make-up remover wipes. My favorites are Pond's Clean Sweep. These towelettes exfoliate my skin and removes all my make-up. Think of it as a 2 for 1 deal. They are cucumber and aloe- infused, which allows the skin to look healthy and glowing.

After I wash my face I use a eye make-up remover, just to remove the excess mascara and eyeliner that may still linger. I like to use Avon's Moisture Effective. I usually use a q-tip and dap a little remover on the tip. Then I wipe the tip underneath my eye and over my eye lashes.

To finish up dry your face with a clean towel and apply your favorite face cream. Tend to use a face cream that has aloe and vitamin E. I like to use Clean & Clear. I think it leaves my face glowing and soft. I like to use Morning Burst. Even though it's meant to use in the mornings I like to use it at night as well.

Just remember before you go to sleep....WASH YOUR FACE! Sweet dreams!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Product Of The Week

Good Morning all and happy weekend! I have a product of the week update. My new favorite product... Lash Stiletto mascara by Maybelline.

This product makes my lashes look fuller and curls them perfectly. The brush is thiner than most brushes and has more brisels.

My advice, I like to use a coat of regular mascara first, it could be any old mascara, and then apply a coat of Stiletto mascara over it. I feel it makes my eyelashes look longer and creates more volume.

My favorite color is Very Black, it's great to create the perfect *smokey eye look.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Eyeshadow Works Best With Your Eye Color

Good morning all! A few questions have come to my attention and many people are curious about what type of eyeshadow works best for their eye color. For example I have brown eyes, so what color works best for me?

For brown eyes the best colors are greens and purples. These two colors really make the eye pop and lets the brown really shine. Also bronze colors and golds can make brown eyes look hazel like, and can disapat the darkness of the browns.

Blue eyes on the other hand you want to stick with neutral colors. If you apply a color that is too dark such as dark green, the color of your eye will become over powering and will take away from your eye color. Stick to light browns, beige, and golds.

Green eyes like blue eyes should not use over powering colors. Stick to neutral colors as well or even light shade of violet. These colors really help to make the green in the eyes pop and make the green look even greener.

If you have hazel eyes take in consideration that you have both brown and green in them. You have the most color selection out of all of the eye colors. You can choose from both green eye colors and brown eye colors. Feel free to experiment!

Last tid bit of advice, take your hair color into consideration. Just remember red hair and purple eye shadow, not the best mix. But have fun and experiment, see what works for you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Smokin' Eyes

Hey friends. Today I'm going to move away from hair and outfits and move into make-up. Our first make-up lesson... Smokey Eyes. Everyone has different ways of creating smokey eyes so you do not have to take my advice, this is just how I create them.
  1. First I outline my eyes in black eye liner. I apply liner to both my bottom crease and my upper lid. I also add a little more to the corners of my eyes.
  2. Next I use a base color for my lids. I prefer to use a lighter shade, like tan or beige, and I really like to use liquid shadow. I use a liquid shadow because I feel it holds the black color better on the lid and really makes it pop.
  3. After I apply my base, I like to use black eye shadow, but feel free to use different colors such as dark plumb, grays or browns. I apply the black (or whatever color you are using) on only half my lid. Start color from the far corner of your eye (the closest to your ears) and blend towards the center. I like to keep the corner of my eye (closest to my nose )only showing my base because I feel like it looks like its fading, starting light to dark.
  4. Next apply a small amount of color on an angled brush underneath your eye just to enhance the liner a little bit.
  5. Use mascara to finish and presto! You have successfully created the smokey eye.

Here's pictures of steps 1-5 on my eyes. I think smokey eyes are easy to produce and can always make an outfit look sexy!! If you need more tips check out how Sephora does their smokey eyes. Have fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soak Up The Sun

Hey all! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As for me I spent most of my sunny days laying out at the pool. I know you all want to get tan instead of lobster red when you lay out, so I have some products for you to try out.

First product is Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Lotion. This product is just like sun block but it enhances your tan instead of blocking the sun completely. It has many different bottles that have different levels of SPF. For instance, I use SPF 4 but my roommate who is fairer than me uses SPF 12.

The next product is new from Hawaiian Tropic, it's call Tan Amplifier. It's made with carrot gel. I just used this product the other day and it worked great for me. It made me get a tan quicker than any other product I used. Plus carrot seed extract is a natural source of Vitamin A.

Another product I use is Banana Boat Tanning Oil. Like the Hawaiian Tropics, it comes in different SPF amounts. I use SPF 4 but for those with fairer skin I would use a stronger amount, this acts just like any other oil would, so BE CAREFUL! You don't want to fry yourself out in the sun.

Have fun and soak up the sun!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Product of The Week

Hey all! I went to my hair stylist a few days ago and because I dye my hair, she suggested a protein boost product. I went to the store and all the kits were very pricey. So I asked one of the workers what would work best but for a cheaper price and she suggested... Redken Anti-Snap.

All you have to do is apply a small amount, about a quarter size, and rub it through your hair from the roots to the ends after you towel dry it from the shower. Then you can just style it as you please, whether you blow is straight or curl it. After about two weeks of using it I found great results! My hair was smoother and I had less split ends.

I really recommend this product for us girls who need a little protein boost!