Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Welcome friends! My name is Jen and I'm here to provide some beauty tips to help you create a beautiful and healthy body. A few of you probably have been following my poetry blog, but I wanted to try a different topic for my new friends and one that many people have asked me about.

As a college student you learn a few tricks of the trade in fashion, make-up, hair styles, and body and skin care. Many of my friends ask me to help them with their make-up or how to make their hair have more volume. So I thought why stop at my friends, why not help everyone who has questions! And where do you go to find the best answers? THE INTERNET!

I'll be focusing on make-up applying techniques, hair styles, skin and body care and the ins & outs of the fashion world (and how to get the best fashions for the best price of course.) Having a college student mind frame really helps in these areas. I'll be able to point you in the best directions for affordable fashion and beauty supplies.

Feel free to comment me back with any questions that you might have, but most of all just enjoy! I hope I can help and provide a little bit a fashion advice into your life!

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