Monday, July 6, 2009

Making A Come Back?!

Hey friends! So what's making this huge comeback you might ask? Well, it's jewelry that has your name on it!

Remember when the biggest fashion trend was sporting your name on your necklace or in your earrings, well they are coming back in style. Lauren Conrad sports her name on a two finger ring. A ring like Lauren's can run about $139 dollars in silver and about $250 for gold.

Also name necklaces are a huge hit! They're fun to wear out and can also make an outfit look classy. Personally I have my nickname, "Toots" on a necklace and I love wearing it out. Wearing your nickname or a funny name is a great conversation maker with that certain cutie when you out on the town. Depending on if you want a silver necklace, gold necklace, diamond studded or not, and even the length of your name, I can't really give you a price on the necklace. Best advice, look it up on Google! Many websites advertise specials!

You can put your name on any kind of jewelry. And for my boys, it's a great gift to get your girl to show her how special her name is to you!

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