Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Product Of The Week

Hey gang! I know I haven't done a product of the week in a while, so here we go! Jen's product of the week is...L'Oréal Dream Blonde Complete Color & Care System.

Unfortunately, I am sad to say that I am not a natural blonde. I have to dye my hair to become the brilliant blonde that I portray. For years I've tried light blondes dyes, darker blonde dyes, but recently I've found that L'Oréal Dream Blonde Complete Color & Care System works best for my hair. I have the best and right color for me, and it still keeps my hair soft, instead of dry like some other dyes might do.

Each box contains one application of permanent hair color. Unlike other hair coloring kits this one includes shampoo, conditioner, pre-color moisture infuser and continuous shine crème along with the hair dye. The pre-color moisture is applied to the ends of your hair before the dye is set. This keeps your ends from becoming fried. After the dye is applied the shampoo and conditioner keep the blonde color from turning brassy. The shine crème works like a smoothing balm. You can use this after you dry your hair to style it.

This is by far my favorite hair dye product that I have used. I love the blonde color it gives me and I love the way my hair feels afterwards.

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