Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ouch! Too Much Sun

Hey all! I hope you all enjoyed your 4Th of July weekend, I know I sure did. Unfortunately, I did get way too much sun, and now I'm burnt as a lobster. So what's the best cure for bad sun burn? Aloe Vera.

You know the famous green cooling gel that your mother used to put on you after you were too sun burned to move? Well it still works and it's the only remedy that works for me.

My best advice, stick it in the freezer. Once you get back from the beach the cold aloe will cool down your skin faster and your relief will come a lot quicker too.

There are all different brands of aloe and you can find them all at your local connivance store. They range from about $4 dollars to about $9 dollars.

Have fun and stay cool!

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