Sunday, June 7, 2009

Soak Up The Sun

Hey all! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As for me I spent most of my sunny days laying out at the pool. I know you all want to get tan instead of lobster red when you lay out, so I have some products for you to try out.

First product is Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Lotion. This product is just like sun block but it enhances your tan instead of blocking the sun completely. It has many different bottles that have different levels of SPF. For instance, I use SPF 4 but my roommate who is fairer than me uses SPF 12.

The next product is new from Hawaiian Tropic, it's call Tan Amplifier. It's made with carrot gel. I just used this product the other day and it worked great for me. It made me get a tan quicker than any other product I used. Plus carrot seed extract is a natural source of Vitamin A.

Another product I use is Banana Boat Tanning Oil. Like the Hawaiian Tropics, it comes in different SPF amounts. I use SPF 4 but for those with fairer skin I would use a stronger amount, this acts just like any other oil would, so BE CAREFUL! You don't want to fry yourself out in the sun.

Have fun and soak up the sun!!

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