Thursday, June 25, 2009

How To Be Shady

Hey all! I hope you are all enjoying my tips and you are really putting them to good use! Today I want to talk about a crazy trend that is bouncing back up from the 80's. Funky sunglasses are totally in this summer!

Remember those plain sunglasses with the neon teeth? The glasses you usually see at proms and weddings? Well they are so hot right now! Celebs are all about fun funky sunglasses. And the best part about it is that they are so cheap! You can go to your local dollar store and buy a set of 5 glasses for about $2 dollars!

Mr. Kayne West is most famous for making his stunner shades a popular trend. Although these glasses are not really practical to help block the sun, they are fun to wear out and party in. These glasses range in prices from about $5 dollars or if you want custom made glasses maybe around $25 dollars. These glasses come in neon colors, bedazzled and even some that have shades in them.

Finally, of course, funky shaped glasses are so fun to wear and give your face a new look! Take these heart glasses for example, I have the same pair in yellow and LOVE them! Everyone always gives me and greatest compliments and I think they are so flirty and fun. Especially if you see that cute boy on the beach, he'll def notice you before anyone else in their plain glasses!! So try sunglasses that have different shapes, such as stars or hearts, or even try fun animal printed glasses!

Have fun and go crazy with sunglasses this summer!

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