Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do I Smell?

Good morning all! I've been experimenting a little bit lately with new perfumes. I'll go from smelling fruity and fresh to sexy and seductive. When really the best way to pick what type of perfume you should use is easy, just base it off of your personality.

If you like hanging out at the beach and you have a laid back personality, try a perfume that is not to strong and has a beachy smell. For example Malaia by Hollister has a beachy smell and is not too over powering. It's great just to spray on right before you hit the beach, or even to wear out on a night on the town. It costs about $30-$38 dollars.

If you are a more flirty person and like to smell sexy try Very Sexy Dare by Victoria Secret. This perfume will have you smelling so seductive everyone is going to want to get to know you! It ranges between $20-$30 dollars.

Best advice, spray your perfume right when you get out of the shower. Since your body is still wet the perfume holds better to moist skin. Also, it's great to follow up with the same smelling lotion. Bath & Body Works is great for lotions and potions!

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