Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Eyeshadow Works Best With Your Eye Color

Good morning all! A few questions have come to my attention and many people are curious about what type of eyeshadow works best for their eye color. For example I have brown eyes, so what color works best for me?

For brown eyes the best colors are greens and purples. These two colors really make the eye pop and lets the brown really shine. Also bronze colors and golds can make brown eyes look hazel like, and can disapat the darkness of the browns.

Blue eyes on the other hand you want to stick with neutral colors. If you apply a color that is too dark such as dark green, the color of your eye will become over powering and will take away from your eye color. Stick to light browns, beige, and golds.

Green eyes like blue eyes should not use over powering colors. Stick to neutral colors as well or even light shade of violet. These colors really help to make the green in the eyes pop and make the green look even greener.

If you have hazel eyes take in consideration that you have both brown and green in them. You have the most color selection out of all of the eye colors. You can choose from both green eye colors and brown eye colors. Feel free to experiment!

Last tid bit of advice, take your hair color into consideration. Just remember red hair and purple eye shadow, not the best mix. But have fun and experiment, see what works for you!

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