Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Poof! Grease Disappears!

Good morning friends! Let me ask you a question. Is your hair kinda greasy in the morning? Do your bangs bother you when you don't fix them perfectly? What's the perfect solution to this problem? It's simple! Just poof your hair!

What's a poof? A poof is where you take the middle section on top of your scalp, or your bangs, and prop them up to add volume to the top of your hair.

  1. Comb the front middle section, or your bangs, towards the back of your scalp.
  2. Twist the ends of the section to "poof" the hair up, creating volume underneath your scalp and the section of hair.
  3. Then bobby pin the hair ends in place, or clip your hair in place.
  4. Take two fingers and insert them underneath the poof and push slightly up on the section, this allows you to create more high.
  5. Spray a little bit of hair spray to keep it in place.
This technique will allow you to cover your greasy roots, and create a fun flirty hair style! You have free range in how high you want your poof and even how big. Have fun and experiment! See what works best for you!

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