Monday, June 8, 2009

Smokin' Eyes

Hey friends. Today I'm going to move away from hair and outfits and move into make-up. Our first make-up lesson... Smokey Eyes. Everyone has different ways of creating smokey eyes so you do not have to take my advice, this is just how I create them.
  1. First I outline my eyes in black eye liner. I apply liner to both my bottom crease and my upper lid. I also add a little more to the corners of my eyes.
  2. Next I use a base color for my lids. I prefer to use a lighter shade, like tan or beige, and I really like to use liquid shadow. I use a liquid shadow because I feel it holds the black color better on the lid and really makes it pop.
  3. After I apply my base, I like to use black eye shadow, but feel free to use different colors such as dark plumb, grays or browns. I apply the black (or whatever color you are using) on only half my lid. Start color from the far corner of your eye (the closest to your ears) and blend towards the center. I like to keep the corner of my eye (closest to my nose )only showing my base because I feel like it looks like its fading, starting light to dark.
  4. Next apply a small amount of color on an angled brush underneath your eye just to enhance the liner a little bit.
  5. Use mascara to finish and presto! You have successfully created the smokey eye.

Here's pictures of steps 1-5 on my eyes. I think smokey eyes are easy to produce and can always make an outfit look sexy!! If you need more tips check out how Sephora does their smokey eyes. Have fun!

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